See what Mackintosh Law clients are saying:


“Creating a will was an important topic of discussion in our house following the birth of our daughter, though it remained on our perpetual ‘to-do’ list for some time without action. After reading the article Brooks Mackintosh authored (When It Comes To Estate Planning, Indecision is a Decision) in the Holiday 2015 issue of Decatur Living, we decided to contact him and learn more about our options for estate planning. Brooks was prompt and responsive to our request and he provided us with a detail worksheet that enabled us to arrive prepared for our meeting. At our initial meeting Brooks was clear in explaining our planning options and he was thorough in his explanation of the different ways we could create a solid estate plan. He was considerate and patient with us as we discussed scenarios that were not apparent in our worksheet execution and, as a result, we were able to make informed decisions on those issues. Brooks helped us create the plan that is a great fit for our family and can be adjusted with ease as our family and financial situation changes. We have a plan that can easily be shared with our families and clear directives that are well organized. We enjoyed working with Brooks and appreciated his knowledge and concern for our legacy. We recommend Brooks’ counsel without hesitation.”

–Josh & Carolyn D.


“Great experience. Brooks was fantastic to work with and made the entire process very smooth and easy to understand.”

–Tyson H.


“I’ve gone through estate planning 3 times with 3 different attorneys and Brooks was by far the best. He is clearly smart and knowledgeable but what makes him so good is his ability to make things easy to understand and very clear. In addition, Brooks makes the whole process relatively fast and easy.  I trust that we are in good hands with Brooks and I’m happy to recommend him to anyone looking for a good attorney in his areas of expertise.”

–Fritz T.


“My husband and I met with Brooks to discuss our general needs and map out a plan that fit them. After making our decision on what type of legal set up we wanted, Brooks drafted everything up, helped us contact an attorney in another state where needed, and walked us through what TO DO items we needed to complete in order to fund the trust. The process was very thorough and we left feeling confident that we’ve set up a secure future for our family. All of the documents are well organized and instructions were very clear on what to do with them. I highly recommend Mackintosh Law for establishing a will or estate plan.”

–Greta S.


“When I asked you to update the power of attorney and living trust for my blind and wheelchair-bound aunt, I knew I was putting her in good hands and I knew you would provide the most straightforward solution for her situation. . . .  I did not expect you to patiently read every single word of the living trust, the power of attorney, and the updated advance directive, to check in with her to make sure she fully understood the legal language and that the decisions were hers.  It was a pleasure to watch you untangle the legal jargon and explain the intention in a way she could understand and trust. . . .  Thank you for your patience, your understanding that things would move rather slowly, and above all, the kindness and respect you showed my aunt.  I look forward to finding opportunities to refer you to friends and colleagues.”

–Jill P.


“Mackintosh Law provided me with a high level of service and outstanding guidance and council. I will absolutely use the firm again and highly recommend them!”

–Lynn N.


“We just finalized our Revocable Living Trust with Pour-Over Wills and Advanced Directives for Health Care. Brooks was very informative and made the process seamless. We were even able to put in place a Pet Trust. We had been putting off getting our Wills and Advanced Directives for Health Care updated from California. We are extremely pleased with the service we received at Mackintosh Law and to be able to support a local business in Decatur.”

–Todd C. & Shawn M.


“Brooks clearly knows the ins and outs for wills and trusts.  He provided expertise and recommendations that were best for my wife and I.”

–Jesse C.


“Brooks was very efficient and patient with a senior having her will redrafted and in updating documents necessary for good estate planning. I would certainly recommend him as an attorney who is also a very nice human being!”

–Barbara J.


“Brooks Mackintosh worked with us to create all the documents necessary for our estate-planning situation. This included wills, powers of attorney, advance directives for health care, HIPPA authorization, and other related documents. After contacting Brooks to schedule an initial appointment he sent us a questionnaire to gather the necessary personal, financial, and other information to start the estate planning process. We returned the questionnaire prior to our first meeting. During the first meeting Brooks reviewed the information with us and asked several questions for clarification of our current state of affairs. Brooks first provided an overview of the estate planning process and then talked about the various options and levels of estate planning and what he recommended for our situation. Going into the meeting, I had some experience with estate planning but my wife had none. Brook explained the estate planning process in a clear, concise, and thoughtful way that was understandable to both of us. His recommendation was in line with our expectations for estate planning.

Brooks then walked us through and explained in layman’s terms each of the documents and options we needed to consider. After going through all the documents he provided us with planning copies so we could consider the information he provided and which options we wanted to select. This closed the first meeting. We considered our options and sent the planning sheets back to Brooks so he could prepare the documents for our next meeting.

At the second meeting Brooks had all the documents prepared for review and signatures. He took the time to once again go through all the documents, explain the options, and noted our selections. While reviewing all the documents we decided to make one last minute change to our selections. Brooks quickly updated that document and we were then ready to sign the documents. During the signing process Brooks managed the documents with proficiency, as the signing of the documents required different people signing depending on the document. Brooks’ office staff was able to provide the notary service and witness to the documents.

Brooks provided our completed documents in a professional looking and well-organized binder along with instructions on which documents need to be distributed to executor, medical professionals, and people who will act on your behalf should the situation require. Overall Brooks made it an easy and very positive experience. Thanks Brooks!”

–Robert & Carolyn L.